2019-2020 Schedule

Open House Meet + Greet: August 26th-31st

Classes begin September 3rd!

Our class schedule runs with the calendar school year (September-May).

All students will be invited to participate in our annual performance held at the end of the school year in June! More details on this to follow.

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Class Breakdown & Description

Ballet- Dancers will learn classic ballet technique in this class. From alignment to positions of feet, your dancer will be exposed to the beautiful and elegant art form that we all know and love. 

Lyrical- A more contemporary approach to ballet. This class uses smooth, flowy movements inspired by lyrics to create a beautiful dance form.

Creative Movement- Creativity & artistry will be used as dancers create their own movement! Dancers will be exposed to the main elements of dance (space, energy, time, body) while strengthening social skills, adaptability of movement, and creative thinking.

Strength & Flexibility- Yoga, Pilates, & gym galore! This class will enhance gross motor skills, build flexibility, and strengthen muscles while working on specific skills and techniques. 

Groovy Moves- Does your dancer like to move to the beat of their own music? Influenced by the groovy moves of hip hop and funky jazz, dancers will love this high energy class!

Musical Theatre- LIGHTS, READY, ACTION. This is the class for the dancer who loves a good musical. Broadway stars in the making!

MOVE with Me!- This class is designed for people of all ability levels (with and without special needs). Students will experience all dance genres in this class, from ballet to hip hop! Students are encouraged to bring someone they know to dance with them! Siblings, a buddy from school, etc. This class will have various dance activities that gets everyone on their feet to MOVE! 

Pom-  Dancers will learn the ins and outs of basic pom and cheer movement. Team building and precise movements will be the key elements of this class. 

Music Therapy- Students will be exposed to developmentally appropriate concepts of music and music making that involves social skills, self-expression, gaining independence, and relaxation. 

Hip Hop- Who doesn’t love to bust a move to a hit song? This class will take dancers through the basics of hip hop while incorporating the latest and trendiest moves out there.

Wheelchair Dance - This class is designed specifically for individuals who have a physical disability and use a wheelchair. Get ready to break boundaries in this class!



Tuition fees are based on the total number of weekly classes taken.

One 45 minute class: $65/month

There is no tuition deduction for absences, holidays, or snow days.

Monthly installments are always due on the 10th of each month. A $10 late fee is automatically added to any installment not paid by the 10th.

We offer a 10% discount for all family siblings.

All tuition is payable by cash, check, or credit card.

Class Attire

Dancers should wear comfortable clothing they can MOVE in. Dance shoes are not required, but are welcomed!


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