Our Story


Winter 2018

Lauren Beasley creates a program concept called “The Project”. This program would host quarterly dance projects for people with Down syndrome in Nashville, Tennessee.

spring 2018

The Project launches a crowdfunding campaign through iFundWomen, with a goal to raise $5,000 to get the organization off of the ground. On day one of the campaign, we hit our goal! Over the remaining 30 days of the campaign, we raised $12,000+, making it clear that this idea would fill a huge void in our community and beyond.

Summer 2018

The Project hosts it’s first event: a music video dance camp. 13 individuals, aged 13-29 came together for a week of dancing and fun!

Fall 2018

The Project teams up with Magpies Girl to host an inclusive dance party for all girls, ages 6+, which was a HUGE success!

Winter 2019

Lauren decides to work towards creating a more consistent, year-round program that is inclusive to individuals with any type of special need. The new concept needed a new name, and thus, MOVE Inclusive Dance was born.


MOVE Inclusive Dance holds it’s second crowdfunding campaign through iFundWomen, this time raising over $100,000 to open Nashville’s first full-time dance studio for individuals of all ability levels.

FALL 2019

MOVE Inclusive Dance launches it’s first year-round schedule in the new studio. Classes on the schedule serve people of all ages and ability levels. In our circle, everyone fits in. We have a place for everyone to shine!